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Program Prerequisites for

Medical Assistants

1.  High school diploma or GED and

2.  All CATS Careers Medical Office Assistant with X-Ray Program students must be affiliated with a licensed practitioner/medical practice/hospital which has radiographic equipment.   and must have been employed for 12 consecutive months as a medical office assistant (clinical foc

Graduates will receive Medical Office Assistant Certification and sit for the State of Indiana X-Ray licensing exam (ASCT). 

Simple Steps:

1.   Enroll in the CATS Medical Office Assistant with X-Ray Program
2.   Complete online courses
3.   Take x-rays at your office for 3 to 4 months,
4.   Sit for the Indiana State X-Ray Licensing Exam

Pass the exam and receive your state limited scope x-ray license.

To maintain your status, you must complete 6 CEUs (assignments mailed to your office).

You may work in a medical office, hospital, or urgent care.  You will be able to perform the following x-rays:

Employer Tuition Assistance Accepted.  

X-Rays you may perform:      

a.     Toes
b.     Foot
c.     Calcaneus
d.     Ankle
e.     Tibia and Fibula
f.      Knee
g.     Patella
h.     Femur
i.      Hip/pelvis  

a.     Fingers
b.     Hand
c.     Wrist
d.     Forearm
e.     Elbow
f.      Humerus
g.     Shoulder
h.     Scapula
i.      Clavicle
j.      Acromioclavicular Joints  


a.     Cervical Spine
b.     Thoracic Spine
c.     Lumbar Spine
d.     Sacrum and Coccyx
e.     Sacroiliac Joints
f.      Scoliosis Series 

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