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                             International Chiropractors Association of Indiana

                                      X-Ray for Chiropractic Assistants

                         X-Ray Program          and            State Exam

You can now take the CATS Chiropractic Technology with X-Ray Program at one conference and take your state exam at the next conference.

                           Space is limited.  First come, first Served

For X-Ray Exam information, see below

Here is how the training program works:

1.   Enroll in the CATS Chiropractic Technology with X-Ray Online Program
2.   Take x-rays at your office for 3 to 4 months,
3.   Sit for the Indiana State X-Ray Licensing Exam

Pass the exam and receive your state chiropractic x-ray license.

To maintain your status, you must complete 6 CEUs (assignments mailed to your office).

Lunch:          12:00 lunch with the Chiropractors

Costs:         $TBA
                   All inclusive - CA conference fee, Indiana State X-Ray Provisional License,

                   X-Ray Program, Books, liability insurance)

Register:     Email us at

If you have any questions, just email us at


Refund Policy - All Expenses are transferable if student leaves the sponsoring employer between enrollment and graduation. 


To maintain your license, you must complete 6 CEUs (assignments emailed to you).