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Civilian Certifications and Career Transition Assistance

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Certifications available for other civilian jobs, just ask!

CATS Careers understands that military personnel have many medical skills obtained in the military and may not require further education or training; however, many medical facilities and hospitals will not accept medical technician titles.  CATS Careers offers exams to assess skills and will issue post-secondary certificate(s) accordingly.

CATS Military Medical Technician Exams are designed to assist military personnel in obtaining credit for their military medical professional training.  It is necessary for military personnel to have their transferable skills translated into professional training by civilian educational facilities.  Civilian medical facilities do not accept military medical technician training as proof of experience.

CATS Medical Technician Exams:
EKG Technician
Cardiovascular Technician
Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
Medical Office Assistant – Clerical
Medical Office Assistant – Clinical
Medical Office Laboratory Assistant

These are the most marketable careers.

CATS Post-Secondary Education Programs consist of both classroom/pod casting instruction and practical application in medical facilities.  Students may wish to take one class at a time or complete an entire program in 12 weeks.  Upon successful completion of the program, each student will receive a Post-Secondary Certificate, Job Referral and Placement Assistance. (Graduation/Completion date will vary based on individual needs.

Each student will have vital job experience required to obtain employment, and will have obtained confidence and networking skills needed for the medical field. 

Thank you for considering CATS Careers to meet your job training needs.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email